If you don’t support either of the Presidential nominees, is it un-American not to vote?

      I’m going to be completely honest, I am one of the laziest people the good Lord has ever created. I could literally sit in my house sleep, and do nothing all day and not feel guilty at all. I’m not saying that it’s a good thing at all, but it’s just who I am.

     With this laziness, comes a plethora for seemingly useless knowledge, and a very limited amount of useful knowledge, especially as a journalist. I hardly ever watch the news and when I do it’s mostly sports news, although that is somewhat important because I want to work in sports media. I always seem to be out of the loop and behind the rest of the students in all of my classes. The latest, and from what everyone is telling me, the most important news is the upcoming Presidential election. 

    Living in Alabama, most people are telling me that President Obama is the worst thing to happen to America in a long time, but then there are others that say he is being forced to clean up a mess that George W. Bush and the Republicans made and that is virtually impossible. Some say that Mitt Romney is a liar and will only make things worse, and others say that he is clearly the right choice.

    My favorite thing to think about is the least talked about third party candidate, Ron Paul. This isn’t going to be a huge, reel you in, and then tell you how awesome Paul is. In fact it’s not even close, I think Ron Paul is a nice enough guy, an I’m sure he means well, but the way his followers are for him is almost scary to me. Being in college, I’m surrounded by his followers, and these people are 100 percent sure that he is the savior for America. From what I’ve heard, he has some good ideas, but theres just something weird about a candidate that almost has a cult-like following.

     I’m not trying to offend anyone, but here’s my final question: Is it un-American to vote if you don’t think you want any of said candidates in office?

     With the little information that I do know, if I were to vote I would vote Romney, not because of Mr. Romney, but for his running mate, Paul Ryan. Ryan is a great guy from what I’ve noticed, and I believe he cares to get America back on track. But is voting for a Vice-President even worth it? 

Back to to my laziness, I still haven’t filled a voter registration card, so I need some insight to see if my vote really matters and if I should care enough to go fill one out. 



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Hello world!

My name is Trevor Long. I am currently a senior studying Broadcast Journalism at Troy University in Troy Alabama. My specialty is NFL football, I also have been told I have a great voice for radio, I’ve been told I have the right face for radio too! That’s a little joke I always say. With this being my first post, I won’t dive too deep into anything, but I am very excited to have a blog on WordPress! Thank you

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