Pro’s And Con’s of having unusual Pets

That is a video of my pet python getting fed (Don’t watch if offended by animals eating another animal, but snakes have to eat too)

I am the proud owner of 2 dogs, and a ball python. Two broad-spectrum different animals, and two way different pets regarding taking care of them.

Dogs have to go out every day, get exercise, be fed and given water every day. Not the best option for the slacker college student who just concentrates on school and social life. Although having a “cute” dog improves social life as long as you take good care of it (Bathe it).

Another thing about dogs is that you have to give them much needed attention, or the dog can contract bad qualities such as being agressive or skittish. I love having dogs but I’m just saying its a pretty big responsibility.

But I have a different relationship with my python, and I’ll start with a funny story. I’ve my ball python “Bubba” since I was in the 9th grade. I just this past summer got Bubba probed because he wasn’t eating and I was worried about him, and I received the news that he was actually a she. That’s right, Bubba is a girl! Talk about identity issues!

Taking care of Bubba is leaps and bounds easier than taking care of dogs or other everyday pets, here’s how: I only have to feed to her once or twice a month, and give her water every few days. I also don’t have to give her attention every day, although I do have to give her some attention, or she too can become aggressive, but she’s never even hissed at me or anyone else.

And finally, it’s a hit or miss socially, some people are intrigued and interested and love the fact that I have a snake, others aren’t so welcome to the idea of a pet snake. So it just depends on who you’re dealing with.

So, whatever type of person you are, I recommend a pet. We have dominon over animals, but they can still give us joy and help us get through tough times.

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