Christmas is almost here!

That’s me and my friends singing Christmas carols, in October!

Christmas is almost in the air, and as soon as stores put away their Halloween decorations, you will see it, smell it, and feel it.

So how can you (A broke college guy) get a gift for your girlfriend?

Well it’s not so much giving as it is taking. Taking her on a trip! I know what you’re thinking, how can a trip save me money? Well, I happen to have a four cylinder that gets pretty good gas mileage. I know not everyone has that luxury, but I’m not saying you have to take her to the grand canyon, just somewhere you’ve researched and believe you’ll have a good time.

I believe it does have to be at least 4 hours away, maybe a state over, somewhere where maybe you can take turns napping on the way and have plenty of conversation and music time.

When you get there, you can wither camp or find lodging, if you need money for lodging, just simply ask family or whoever gets you gifts for money for the trip, you should consider her happiness more important than a material item.

People are starting to enjoy the finer things, I truly think she’ll enjoy the trip and life-long memories more than any material short term item.

Here’s what you need:

1. Car with decent gas mileage

2. Ipod (I’ve had girls fall in love with me because of Ipod, and you can too! As long as you have similar tastes in music.)

3. Money to survive, and a few sets of clothes.

I hope you took all of this into account, I’ve written it three times now after deleting it twice so this one is definitely the shortest, WordPress is very sensitive! Beware! I hope you found this enjoyable and have a great week!

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