When you don’t want to be rejected,.. Just don’t ask…

    I am currently in the process of stopping communication with a girl that I used to have a crush on. I usually go through this for a few weeks, talking less and less, until eventually, the talking completely stops. This is somewhat of a weening process, that is necessary for someone who doesn’t want to be clingy. Of course I put in some time and effort into maybe asking her out, but there have been way too many red flags.

    1. I feel like if I ask her, she’ll give the, “I just want to be friends” bull-crap answer. I guess it’s nicer than “I don’t want to date you or hang out like that”, but it’s the same stuff just a different answer. So, the best solution to getting rejected? Don’t ask! 

   2. She talks about other guys in front of me. WTF? Thanks a lot sweetheart, I’m here believing we can be something then you talk about another guy? I know we’re not dating but still, what a nice person you are! (sarcasm)

   3. She’s out of my league: I don’t want to hear that “Dude noone is out of anyone league” crap, for every 1 relationship that a man out punts his coverage, 10 guys get girls they wish they could upgrade.

   I can hear the backlash now, “How can you just not ask her? The worst that could happen is she says no..” You’re right friends, that is the WORST POSIBLE THING. A huge blow to my self confidence, it’s not worth it. I’d just rather not ask in the first place, saves a headache for me. 

   Now there will always be a thought somewhere in my head, like, “what would she have really said”? I’m telling you right now, get that thought out of your head fellows, it’s not worth it, I say unless your at least 75 percent sure she will say yes, don’t ask. 75 percent leaves some things in question, but for the most part, you know what the answer will be; yes or no. And if you want to get over it quickly  just leave it (the “relationship”) and her alone. 

    Because what if she says yes and doesn’t mean it? Then it’s all based on a lie! And it won’t work out, why not wait for someone you know you can date and you know she wants to date you? I say wait, it’ll save you a lot of issues. 

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