Why Eminem is the Best Rapper of all time

     Marshall Bruce Mathers lll (Eminem) is about to turn 40 years old on October 17th. It’s a huge milestone for my personal favorite rapper, partly because of you never hear of many successful rappers after the age of 40. 

     In my opinion, his evolution of rap style has helped his rhymes stay youthful, his flow keeps him able to hang with any new rapper who is coming up in the world of hip-hop. Eminem is the best rapper of all time, point blank.

    Everyone is entitled to there opinions of course, but every time I hear of a category that makes a rapper great, I feel that Eminem is on the top of the mountain in every category. Some people say that TI is the smoothest rapper, and Eminem can’t be a smooth rapper because of his angry style, but I feel Eminem is the smoothest thanks to his flow; and Eminem uses his anger to benefit his flow to make him the smoothest rapper in the business. 

    Everyone says Lil Wayne has the Best metaphors, but here’s just a few examples of how Eminem destroys Wayne in that category, In the song “So Bad”, Eminem says: “I ain’t fooling with may, this ain’t the first day in April, but thank you for staying April.” Do you understand the play on words Eminem just did? It’s so subtle, yet it blows me away. Another great metaphor is in the song “Love the way you lie” he says, “Now you get to watch her leave out the window, guess that’s why they call it windowpane.” Case closed, Eminem is still the best out and is the best of all time.

     Mathers is a great inspiration to myself, and his music is my favorite, I know he won’t read this but I just want to wish him a very happy early birthday!Image

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