Why You should go to Summer Beach Project




While studying at Troy University, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Campus Outreach student ministries.

They welcomed me in as a freshman in 2009 and have shown the gospel of Jesus that I never even imagined.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am to be a part of such a great student led ministry.

I’ve made life-long friends that I will cherish forever, and my faith sharing would be nothing if I hadn’t been introduced to C.O.

They taught me that I had many misconceptions that I learned from growing up in the Bible belt.

The past two years I have been extremely involved, but none of this involvement would have happened if I wasn’t challenged to go C.O’s annual 2 month mission trip to Fort Walton beach FL, this mission trip is called Summer Beach Project.

At Summer Beach project you grow in your knowledge and faith with God immensely, and you also have the time of your life, I should know, I’ve been on three!

So I challenge you to read this Blog and if you don’t want to go to Summer Beach Project after reading, you get a full refund!

A refund of the money you paid to read this, $0. But all kidding aside, here are just a few reasons to go SBP!

Reason 1: Growing in ones faith in God




Reason number 2: You have the time of your life!




Reason number 3: You get a job to help pay costs! 




You make lifelong friends!:



As you can see it is a big investment, I mean it’s two months of your summer! But I promise you, I’m not crazy, theres a reason I’ve been to three of these Projects. I hope you truly consider this awesome opportunity and have a great day!

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