My Sports Blog (New Story)

I have a new post! Not on WordPress, although FanSided is owned by WordPress I believe.

The story involves two highly drafted players, that have been dropped by the same team, The Oakland Raiders.

My story brings up the possibility of the Bengals (The team I write about) taking a chance on these guys and maybe bringing them in to be on our team.

So take a look at it, maybe you’ll enjoy it if you like sports!

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Pro’s And Con’s of having unusual Pets

That is a video of my pet python getting fed (Don’t watch if offended by animals eating another animal, but snakes have to eat too)

I am the proud owner of 2 dogs, and a ball python. Two broad-spectrum different animals, and two way different pets regarding taking care of them.

Dogs have to go out every day, get exercise, be fed and given water every day. Not the best option for the slacker college student who just concentrates on school and social life. Although having a “cute” dog improves social life as long as you take good care of it (Bathe it).

Another thing about dogs is that you have to give them much needed attention, or the dog can contract bad qualities such as being agressive or skittish. I love having dogs but I’m just saying its a pretty big responsibility.

But I have a different relationship with my python, and I’ll start with a funny story. I’ve my ball python “Bubba” since I was in the 9th grade. I just this past summer got Bubba probed because he wasn’t eating and I was worried about him, and I received the news that he was actually a she. That’s right, Bubba is a girl! Talk about identity issues!

Taking care of Bubba is leaps and bounds easier than taking care of dogs or other everyday pets, here’s how: I only have to feed to her once or twice a month, and give her water every few days. I also don’t have to give her attention every day, although I do have to give her some attention, or she too can become aggressive, but she’s never even hissed at me or anyone else.

And finally, it’s a hit or miss socially, some people are intrigued and interested and love the fact that I have a snake, others aren’t so welcome to the idea of a pet snake. So it just depends on who you’re dealing with.

So, whatever type of person you are, I recommend a pet. We have dominon over animals, but they can still give us joy and help us get through tough times.

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Christmas is almost here!

That’s me and my friends singing Christmas carols, in October!

Christmas is almost in the air, and as soon as stores put away their Halloween decorations, you will see it, smell it, and feel it.

So how can you (A broke college guy) get a gift for your girlfriend?

Well it’s not so much giving as it is taking. Taking her on a trip! I know what you’re thinking, how can a trip save me money? Well, I happen to have a four cylinder that gets pretty good gas mileage. I know not everyone has that luxury, but I’m not saying you have to take her to the grand canyon, just somewhere you’ve researched and believe you’ll have a good time.

I believe it does have to be at least 4 hours away, maybe a state over, somewhere where maybe you can take turns napping on the way and have plenty of conversation and music time.

When you get there, you can wither camp or find lodging, if you need money for lodging, just simply ask family or whoever gets you gifts for money for the trip, you should consider her happiness more important than a material item.

People are starting to enjoy the finer things, I truly think she’ll enjoy the trip and life-long memories more than any material short term item.

Here’s what you need:

1. Car with decent gas mileage

2. Ipod (I’ve had girls fall in love with me because of Ipod, and you can too! As long as you have similar tastes in music.)

3. Money to survive, and a few sets of clothes.

I hope you took all of this into account, I’ve written it three times now after deleting it twice so this one is definitely the shortest, WordPress is very sensitive! Beware! I hope you found this enjoyable and have a great week!

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When you don’t want to be rejected,.. Just don’t ask…

    I am currently in the process of stopping communication with a girl that I used to have a crush on. I usually go through this for a few weeks, talking less and less, until eventually, the talking completely stops. This is somewhat of a weening process, that is necessary for someone who doesn’t want to be clingy. Of course I put in some time and effort into maybe asking her out, but there have been way too many red flags.

    1. I feel like if I ask her, she’ll give the, “I just want to be friends” bull-crap answer. I guess it’s nicer than “I don’t want to date you or hang out like that”, but it’s the same stuff just a different answer. So, the best solution to getting rejected? Don’t ask! 

   2. She talks about other guys in front of me. WTF? Thanks a lot sweetheart, I’m here believing we can be something then you talk about another guy? I know we’re not dating but still, what a nice person you are! (sarcasm)

   3. She’s out of my league: I don’t want to hear that “Dude noone is out of anyone league” crap, for every 1 relationship that a man out punts his coverage, 10 guys get girls they wish they could upgrade.

   I can hear the backlash now, “How can you just not ask her? The worst that could happen is she says no..” You’re right friends, that is the WORST POSIBLE THING. A huge blow to my self confidence, it’s not worth it. I’d just rather not ask in the first place, saves a headache for me. 

   Now there will always be a thought somewhere in my head, like, “what would she have really said”? I’m telling you right now, get that thought out of your head fellows, it’s not worth it, I say unless your at least 75 percent sure she will say yes, don’t ask. 75 percent leaves some things in question, but for the most part, you know what the answer will be; yes or no. And if you want to get over it quickly  just leave it (the “relationship”) and her alone. 

    Because what if she says yes and doesn’t mean it? Then it’s all based on a lie! And it won’t work out, why not wait for someone you know you can date and you know she wants to date you? I say wait, it’ll save you a lot of issues. 

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Why Eminem is the Best Rapper of all time

     Marshall Bruce Mathers lll (Eminem) is about to turn 40 years old on October 17th. It’s a huge milestone for my personal favorite rapper, partly because of you never hear of many successful rappers after the age of 40. 

     In my opinion, his evolution of rap style has helped his rhymes stay youthful, his flow keeps him able to hang with any new rapper who is coming up in the world of hip-hop. Eminem is the best rapper of all time, point blank.

    Everyone is entitled to there opinions of course, but every time I hear of a category that makes a rapper great, I feel that Eminem is on the top of the mountain in every category. Some people say that TI is the smoothest rapper, and Eminem can’t be a smooth rapper because of his angry style, but I feel Eminem is the smoothest thanks to his flow; and Eminem uses his anger to benefit his flow to make him the smoothest rapper in the business. 

    Everyone says Lil Wayne has the Best metaphors, but here’s just a few examples of how Eminem destroys Wayne in that category, In the song “So Bad”, Eminem says: “I ain’t fooling with may, this ain’t the first day in April, but thank you for staying April.” Do you understand the play on words Eminem just did? It’s so subtle, yet it blows me away. Another great metaphor is in the song “Love the way you lie” he says, “Now you get to watch her leave out the window, guess that’s why they call it windowpane.” Case closed, Eminem is still the best out and is the best of all time.

     Mathers is a great inspiration to myself, and his music is my favorite, I know he won’t read this but I just want to wish him a very happy early birthday!Image

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The Life of a college Slacker

How many hours a day do I waste?

This is a day in the life of a college student/slacker.

     On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I wake up at 6:55 am. I take a shower, get dressed and head to the school cafeteria to eat breakfast before my 8 am class, Mass Media Law. I never miss class, this gives me leverage, I am not a good student with good study habits, but if I go to every single class, my teacher always gives me more chances.

     Before my 10 am class, I sometimes head to my friend’s on-campus dorm room. What do I do there? Take a nap, Although I havent taken a nap for a few weeks now due to my 10 o’clock having extra work, i roughly took over 8 naps from 9 am to 9:45. 

     I then head to my 10 am class, Advanced Technology in Journalism, do what I have to do in the class, and then head home until lunch at 12:30. While at lunch, I eat my fill and head to do either one of three things, go home and get ready to work out, or relax, take a nap, hang with my friends, or study.

    Soon I spend the rest of my day wasting time on these websites: Facebook, Twitter,,, and I write a blog for the NFL team Cincinnati Bengals, and I fill the rest of my day with random activities. Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t have class so those days I fill with sleep, studying and catching up on the work I missed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. 

    I’m not proud of being a slacker but I truly can’t help it. Thanks for reading and please hope that I change soon!

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Why You should go to Summer Beach Project




While studying at Troy University, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Campus Outreach student ministries.

They welcomed me in as a freshman in 2009 and have shown the gospel of Jesus that I never even imagined.

I can’t say enough how thankful I am to be a part of such a great student led ministry.

I’ve made life-long friends that I will cherish forever, and my faith sharing would be nothing if I hadn’t been introduced to C.O.

They taught me that I had many misconceptions that I learned from growing up in the Bible belt.

The past two years I have been extremely involved, but none of this involvement would have happened if I wasn’t challenged to go C.O’s annual 2 month mission trip to Fort Walton beach FL, this mission trip is called Summer Beach Project.

At Summer Beach project you grow in your knowledge and faith with God immensely, and you also have the time of your life, I should know, I’ve been on three!

So I challenge you to read this Blog and if you don’t want to go to Summer Beach Project after reading, you get a full refund!

A refund of the money you paid to read this, $0. But all kidding aside, here are just a few reasons to go SBP!

Reason 1: Growing in ones faith in God




Reason number 2: You have the time of your life!




Reason number 3: You get a job to help pay costs! 




You make lifelong friends!:



As you can see it is a big investment, I mean it’s two months of your summer! But I promise you, I’m not crazy, theres a reason I’ve been to three of these Projects. I hope you truly consider this awesome opportunity and have a great day!

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